Wednesday, April 15, 2015

he never knew

                                                          Yorkshire 1969    unknown photographer
Every year my grandmother took me to the high street photographer for a portrait. I think I am two years old in this photo. I don't have a clear memory of the photo being taken but I do remember the shop and the smell of old books and chemicals. For some reason things maritime must have been popular; there are a few pictures of me dressed as a sailor, though in this one I manage just an anchor across my heart. I asked my mum about these pictures and she couldn't explain the sailor theme but said the cardigan with anchor was very popular amongst men of that day. We laughed.

When I see this photograph of the boy who was me, I think about how we live our lives with the feeling that there is a plan, or at least one will emerge from the years spent. I think of the books I read and the dreams I had of far away places with exotic names, I think of adventure. I think about how he didn't know what I know now,  though he was always curious and never stopped asking questions. He didn't know he would travel, the concept of different places came later. He didn't know he would one day play a musical instrument like his grandfather. He never imagined the sound and shape of foreign words on his tongue, even the ones in his own language were strange. He knew the concept of love from his parents and family but he never knew he would meet you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

more than just time

                                                                  Dads favourite clock Yorkshire 2014

stories remind us of the greatness of people and experiences; challenges met, identities established and bloodlines created. When I hear a story about someones life, I think about what it would be like to meet that person and they come to life in my imagination. I think about what made them happy, I try to imagine the sound of their voice, the colour of their eyes, even the way they walked.

Objects can take on the shape and personality of people, especially objects that were made or gained from love. The things we choose and take care of tell us a lot about ourselves, therefore a small tree branch, a stone or a even clock can reveal many things. I think it's the small things that have greater significance, and the way we remember stories, carefully pieced together with small details that dance in the dark corners of our memory, this is magic, this gives our lives and our love for life that greatness we search for.